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Introducing ‘King Trumpet Realtors’- your premier destination for real estate solutions. With passion for fulfilling dreams, we offer a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial properties. Our dedicated team with in-depth market knowledge ensures personalised service, utilizing our native property evaluator dashboard for tailor-made solutions. Experience trust, integrity and satisfaction with King Trumpet Realtors, your key to a brighter future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish our reputation as a pioneer of real estate consultancy through our customer-centric approach. We're committed to ethical practices, fostering strong relationships, and empowering dreams through property ownership and investment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make 'King Trumpet Realtors' the most trusted real estate consultancy. We pledge to consistently deliver expert advice, personalized service, and unwavering integrity to exceed our clients' expectations.

Our Agency Story

Embark on a journey with King Trumpet Realtors, where expertise meets passion. From humble beginnings to a real estate powerhouse, our story is woven with commitment, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of turning dreams into reality.

Meet Our Founder

Pravas Mishra


The founder, with an illustrious 16-year journey in the advertising industry, ventured into real estate sector after a decade and half as a successful investor. This seasoned entrepreneur carries a legacy of accomplishments, promising a fusion of creative finesse from advertising and financial acumen from investing.

Armed with a robust network cultivated over the years, the founder is set to introduce a real estate company marked by customer-centric principles. Drawing insights from the customer’s perspective, this venture aims to redefine industry standards by offering tailored solutions, reflecting a commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of clients in a dynamic and evolving market.

Why Choose Us

We practice a Customer-centric approach. We spend time understanding the need of our Clients to be better able to provide them with tailor-made solutions rather than pushing inventories available with us.

Meet Our Team

King Trumpet Realtors’ stellar team – passionate, experienced, and dedicated. We’re here to turn your real estate dreams into triumphs. With us, expect personalized service and expert guidance at every step. Your journey to property success starts with our united commitment to your satisfaction.

Bhanu Pratap

Bhanu Pratap

Sr. Manager- Sales

Mampi Mahanta

Executive- Sales

Dayal Mohanty

Sr. Manager- Sales

Yudi Goyal

Manager- Digital Marketing

Vijay Sharma

Associate Manager- Sales & Office Administration

Kavita Dashoni

Associate Manager- HR & Company Operations

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Discover what our clients say about King Trumpet Realtors! Real stories, real satisfaction. See why others chose us for a seamless, trustworthy, and personalized real estate experience.

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